User Experience (UX) is an integral part of modern Instructional Design, yet the divergence of both has often been overlooked.

However, with the rise of the Learning Experience Designer as evidence, UX has become an important part of the Instructional Design toolbox. It’s only recently we’ve started to understand how important it is to gain a solid understanding of UX principles to improve our design. The prominence of technology and eLearning have certainly established UX as a valuable skill set and cemented its value in our methodology. So with UX and Instructional design sharing many common objectives in impacting human behavior, it’s a logical — and complementary — topic to learn more about.

Join our UX Playlist and learn from a talented group of speakers about the convergence of ID and UX.

Senior eLearning Developer

Melanie Sexton

Friday, September 6

Learning Strategist

Monica Gragg

Friday, September 13

Learning Tech Consultant

Matthew Daniel

Wednesday, September 18

Learning Architect & Partner, Sealworks Interactive Studios

Nick Floro

Friday, September 27

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