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Brent Schlenker

Co-Founder, Host
Brent Schlenker has over 20 years of experience in the Learning and Development industry. He’s built and re-built training organizations, and developed innovative technology based learning solutions across all departments within small, medium, and large corporate structures.

Luis Malbas

Co-Founder, Ops
Luis Malbas has been a media producer in the L&D space for over fifteen years. He has overseen production of dozens of live conferences and hundreds of online events. He has a passion for connecting people to opportunities, solutions, and each other.

Cara North

Community Manager
Cara North has worked in learning and development for ten years in both corporate and higher education settings. She is a self-proclaimed professional development junkie. She enjoys using her passion for social media to connect with and encourage other learning and development professionals.

Jo Cook

Program Advisor, Host
Jo Cook is Director of her company Lightbulb Moment, which specialises in training people to deliver great virtual classroom sessions and digital programmes using modern learning practice and technologies. As part-time Deputy Editor of Training Journal magazine and website Jo brings together and comments on L&D and work performance topics.

Sam Rogers

Program Advisor, Host
Sam Rogers, President of Snap Synapse, brings 15+ years of experience in the L&D industry as an eLearning Developer, Sr. Instructional Designer, Trainer, LMS integration specialist, and Video Producer. He is also an international award-winning solo a cappella act, and a million other things that seem incongruous but all work together nicely.

Craig Sybert

Contributing Editor
Craig Sybert, Adobe Connect and Elearning Specialist for Envolvemedia, training consultant, eLearning production, audio/video producer and post production, LMS implementation, voiceover, logo design, musician, podcaster and full time learner. His history in Learning and Development spans over 15 years in corporate, distance, virtual, and freelance with companies like GEICO and Navy Mutual Aid Assocaiation.

Bethany Taylor

Bethany is an instructional designer with a passion for learning in all mediums. Her backgrounds in Medical Anthropology and Biochemistry foster her passion for how people work, interact with and learn in the world around them. When not contemplating the above, she likes a good pizza and cuddling the cats (even though they don’t want to). Send an email to if you would like to write for the TLDC blog.

Joseph Suarez

Media Editor
Joseph is an award-winning eLearning Developer with over 10 years of experience out of Columbus, OH. His passion for user-centered design, visual communication, and story-telling bleeds into the production of innovative learning experiences and associated media assets.

Toddi Norum

Program Advisor, Host
Toddi is an instructional systems designer and a writer with extensive project management and content marketing experience. A self-described geek, Toddi’s career track has hinged on keeping pace with multimedia technology and marketing in the education space. She was the lead trainer for all live and virtual training deliveries for the iRobot/U.S. Army SUGV robotics program. Toddi holds an undergrad from Colorado State University in Technical Communications and is working on a Master’s in Instructional Technology with the University of Colorado Denver. She is an active blogger and loves producing podcasts.

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