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Friday, January 31 | Community Discussion: Your “Go-to” L&D Resources

There was a time when "googling" something was a useful use of time. Nowadays, not only do you have to understand how to filter the "wheat from the chaff", you also have to be aware of your focus, or lack thereof.

So when you have a question and are looking for answers in L&D, where do you turn? Websites, message boards, communities, people...let's discuss our options and help each other with resource recommendations to find the solutions we're looking for.

Thursday, January 30 | Discursive Practices for L&D with Host Cara North

Discursive practices are used by members of a profession to shape events in the domains subject to their professional scrutiny.

The shaping process creates the objects of knowledge that become the insignia of a profession's craft: theories and artifacts that distinguish it from other professions.

What are the bodies of knowledge of learning and development?

Let's discuss what should and should not be on the list.

Tuesday, January 28 | Nick Floro

The philosopher Plato said, “The beginning is the most important part of the work.”

And with that in mind, we bring you Nick Floro of Sealworks Interactive Studios and his useful productivity tips for kicking off new projects. Nick will be discussing Kanban boards, note-taking tools, prototyping, and feedback channels.

Don't miss this episode with an award-winning L&D Pro!

January 2020 | The Productivity Playlist

Productivity - it's where the rubber meets the road and where things get done.

And to start 2020, we're introducing our Productivity Playlist, a new series of discussions where we talk about the way we get things done.

From file management and organization to tool tweaks and hacks, we're covering some of those behind-the-scenes activities that help you be more productive and efficient.


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