Kevin M. Yates is a Talent Development Expert for Measuring the Impact of Training, Learning, and Development

About Kevin M Yates

Kevin M. Yates has extensive learning and development experience and uses measurement, data and analytics to answer the question, “Did training work?”. His work is global and multi-industry with a solid reputation for helping organizations use analytics for insights on learning’s performance and data to inform decisions about learning strategy. He’s a sought after subject matter expert, thought leader and advisor for measuring the impact of learning on organization goals and employee performance.

Kevin’s experience reaches across learning and development serving in roles throughout the function including facilitation, instructional design, learning solutions, learning technology, program management, operations, strategy, measurement and global leadership.

Kevin’s work is firmly rooted in his belief that learning and development has the power to change behavior, thought and skill.

His greatest capability is creating a chain of evidence that shows results for learning and development.

His guiding principle is, “We don’t have to wish, hope or believe learning and development makes an impact. There’s data to prove it.”

I’m a data detective solving the mystery of where, when and how learning and development made a difference. I collect clues that show how learning and development increased sales, improved quality, strengthened leadership, decreased cycle time, reduced errors, improved customer satisfaction, helped achieve organization goals and elevated employee performance.

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