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Special Guest Danny Stefanic

Today, Brent Schlenker talks to Danny Stefanic about Virtual Reality.  Danny Stefanic is CEO of, providing VR-ready tools for educators to enhance learning through avatars, non-linear dialogue, gamification and virtual environments while delivering...

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Special Guest Laura Sanchez

Today, Toddi Norum speaks with Laura Sanchez about being an independent contractor and consultant. Laura is a Senior Learning Consultant at Rook Strategies. Laura is focused on strategic learning management, instructional design and eLearning development. She will...

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Special Guest Joe Ganci talks AI, Chatbots, and TLDC19

Friday brings a special guest Joe Ganci to one of the windows to talk to Brent about his session coming up in TLDC19. They also discuss current work likes, technology, AI, and Chatbots. Joes’s history The best jobs to work on Technology in training The human element...

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Special Guests Debbie Richards and Hugh Seaton

Today, Brent Schlenker chats with Debbie Richards and Hugh Seaton about a simple planning model to get the best out of new technologies like VR, AI and AR. Debbie Richards is the President of Creative Interactive Ideas. Hugh Seaton is the CEO of Aquinas Learning, Inc....

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