TLDC Playlists

Multi-session, topic-based webcasts.
Like webinars, but better.


The xAPI Playlist featuring Craig Wiggins, Melissa Milloway, Ross Kerr, Kristin Anthony, and Megan Torrance.

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The Microlearning Playlist featuring JD Dillon, Shannon Tipton, Carla Torgerson, and Ray Jimenez.

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The eLearning Playlist with Joe Ganci, Nick Floro, Tim Slade, and Jean Marrapodi.

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Virtual Classroom Training

The Virtual Classroom Training Playlist featuring Kassy Laborie, Jo Cook, Cynthia Clay, and Cindy Huggett.

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Video Learning

The Video Learning Playlist featuring Jonanthan Halls, Matt Pierce, Steve Stockman, Lee LeFever, and Mark Lassoff.

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The Gamification Playlist featuring Brent Schlenker, Craig Sybert, John Kissinger, An Coppens, Andrew Hughes, and Karl Kapp.

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Instructional Design

The Instructional Design Playlist with Clark Quinn, Debbie Richards, Myra Roldan, Sean Hickey, Trish Uhl, Dawn Snyder, Roberta Dombrowski, and Matt Sustaita.

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Andrew Hughes

Andrew Hughes from Designing Digitally is featured in over a dozen TLDCasts. You can find all of his casts here.

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