Monday, October 29, 2018

Multi-session Focus

We’ve gathered some excellent Onboarding experts for our October Playlist! Join Mike Simmons, Gaby Piccott, and Peter Stickler to discuss/learn new strategies and techniques for your Onboarding projects.

Monday, October 29

The Playlist begins at 8a PT/11a ET/4p GMT. These are more than webinars, they’re interactive, live-streaming broadcasts that focus on opportunities for conversation, Q&A, and discussion.

Session 1 – Why design, structure, and thinking should be part of your onboarding execution

with Mike Simmons

8a PT/11a ET/4p GMT

Is your onboarding a series of tasks that are focused more on employee data and getting people into a system or designed to help employees contribute to the organization quickly?

Mike Simmons joins us on the Onboarding Playlist to discuss how design can have a significant impact on employee, team, and customer onboarding. He will share tools and practical examples to help you establish an onboarding foundation that will help lead you and your growing organization to success.

Mike Simmons

Mike Simmons

CoFounder, Catalyst Sale and Host of the Catalyst Sale Podcast

Mike Simmons has more than 22 years of operations, consulting, sales and sales leadership experience, 17 in the EdTech space. Life long learner, creative, analytical, and driven to achieve results. Mike has built, led, and optimized sales organizations leveraging both direct and indirect teams. He is the CoFounder of Catalyst Sale and Host of the popular Catalyst Sale Podcast.

Session 2 – Building Onboarding Conversations: Plans and Objectives

with Gaby Piccott

9a PT/Noon ET/5p GMT

Conversations are critically important to building meaningful, authentic and lasting relationships. The feedback obtained from these conversations is gold.

It is great to let some relationships develop on their own, but building a successful Onboarding Program requires more than that; you need Plans and Objectives.

Learn how meetings and strategic conversations can lead your organization to a new hire’s Engagement and Onboarding success.

Gaby Piccott

Gaby Piccott

Onboarding Specialist

Originally from Mexico and now living in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada, Gaby holds a bachelor’s in business administration, and a minor in HR, a Human Resources Management Certificate from CECAP and an Adult Education Certificate from Dalhousie University. She has worked for 14 years as an HR and Training and Development Manager with multinational companies like Praxair, Braden Manufacturing and Lixar IT. Currently doing freelance jobs and hosting the LinkedIn Local Halifax chapter. She is also a reiki practitioner and dancing teacher.

Session 3 – Building the organizational context

with Peter Stickler

10a PT/1p ET/6p GMT

Let’s have a conversation about an important road to travel in the onboarding journey. It’s about how accelerating development of social connections and understanding behavior expectations ​will impact individual and team success.
We’ll talk about building relationships, trust, and environmental context, then consider the impact of feeling connected, safe and valued.

Here are some issues to guide the conversation:

  • A mentor is essential … how about a mentoring network?
  • Most work is done in teams … what are the “rules of engagement”?
  • My team is in multiple time zones … how can we connect frequently enough?
  • A “support group” helps … how do I connect with team members and newbie cohorts?
  • Transitions take time … what’s the structure to let me grow one step at a time?
  • Organizations aren’t static … now what?
  • Does this only apply to newbies?

As our journey concludes, we’ll summarize the structural elements that will help accelerate transition, including:

  • Vital Behaviors (knowing what’s expected)
  • Collaborative problem solving process
  • Real-time measurement, data and feedback (for tracking my progress)
  • Involving everyone
Peter Stickler

Peter Stickler

Partner, the myRhythm Group

Peter Stickler is a founder of The myRhythm Group, helping to connect strategies to the behaviors that drive results.
Peter’s been an HR leader in four industries.  As CHRO/EVP in LG Electronics and Flextronics, he crafted solutions for global human capital development.  His base formed over 28 years in Ford, including three executive roles. Perspectives were honed as a director of The Institute for Global Ethics.
The USA is home. The impact of context was learned by living/working in Canada, Germany, Japan, and Korea.  Educational foundations include a HR Master’s, a BS in Sociology, and a Professional Corporate Director Certification.

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