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Ken Brown with Host Toddi Norum

August 14 @ 8:00 am - 9:00 am


Meet Ken Brown, author of the EMU (Engaging, Memorable, Unexpected) Experience methodology that creates a baseline that allows facilitators to then apply their own creativity to craft new engagement activities.

Ken’s introduction to teaching and training started in 1988, when – as an introverted first-year Ph.D. student – he was tossed into two Psychology 101 classrooms as a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA).

With no clue and over-the-top nervousness, he managed to get through both sessions that first semester only to discover the unthinkable – that he actually enjoyed teaching!

He still didn’t have a clue about what he was doing, but he wanted to do it again.

So he did. For 5 years as a GTA (including creating a brand-new course) and 5 more years as an Adjunct Instructor of Psychology.

After an 8-yr stint as a technical writer, Ken transitioned to the corporate training world in 2005.

In 2006, he confronted his first challenge: redesign a 4-hr, 247-slide “workshop” into something compelling, unique and more effective…in only 9 weeks.

With the help of a Marketing colleague, he delivered a program that exceeded expectations!

That led to the successful development of other programs, including a 3-day TM Summit with two teams of 5 facilitators, and a Facilitation Skills Train-the-Trainer workshop that Ken delivered to approximately 1000 students.

In 2015, he formed The EMU Experience – with that Facilitation Skills Train-the-Trainer workshop now the core offering of his company.

As the CEO and Chief EMU Wrangler, Ken delivers online courses, as well as live (and soon, virtual) workshops and offers one-on-one coaching.

The EMU Experience is an acronym for Engaging, Memorable and Unexpected.

Said another way: To create a memorable learning experience, you must engage your learners in unexpected ways.

Ken’s love of training is only equaled by his love of superheroes. He believes that every person who comes through his workshops has the ability to be engaging, memorable and unexpected (or creative). So that training superpower, if you will, is there; Ken sees his role as helping to unlock and unleash that superpower in his students.


August 14
8:00 am - 9:00 am