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The Magic of Learning

The further I venture into the world of learning and development, I come across challenges. Challenges in engaging my clients to see the value in the final product, in merging their expectations with the best learner experience and in working with their...

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Thank Goodness

I'd say I grew up with a typical Thanksgiving holiday celebration. Turkey and all the fixins', cramming together as many guests and family as we can for a huge meal, then going into food comas while figuring out post-meal entertainment. That changed up when I met...

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What is the imposter phenomenon?

It is estimated that 70% of people will experience the feeling of being an imposter at some point in their lives (Gravois, 2007). However, it seems that this feeling is quite prevalent in the learning and development community. Even in a recent TLDChat with Kristin...

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TLDC: All About Differing Experiences

When I first sought out TLDC, The Training, Learning, and Development Community, I was trying to expand my knowledge in Learning and Development. I was very concerned that I was ‘late to the game.’ I had just entered this lovely career of instructional design, but...

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TLDChat and The Importance of Routine

It's undeniable. Routine leads to Success. There was when I was an undergrad finishing up my stint in English Lit. That senior year of college was a rollercoaster of temptation. New friends, parties, concerts – it felt like an impossible task to complete four...

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Community, Connections, and Collaboration: TLDC

I'm noticing a few things about this Community we're building. Much of it surprising. But let me back up for a sec. You may or may not have read my post "100 Days of TLDChat". Back then (just two months ago!), I was thrilled at how things were going. And here we...

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100 Days of TLDChat

We made it! Our "experiment" is over. Here's the deal: We know that doing an "every weekday" broadcast is a little crazy.  There are about a gazillion things that can go wrong. Connectivity, hardware incompatibility, fatigue, schedule conflicts, running out of...

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