Host Cara North: ATD ICE 2019 Wrap Up

With over 10,000 attendees, 450+ exhibitors, and 300+ sessions, ATD ICE has defined itself as the world’s premier L&D event. And none other than Cara North is here to wrap up ATD ICE with a fantastic Friday #TLDCast.

Cara was joined by three guests: Carmen Bonilla, Yolanda Fraction, and Dr Tracy Shoyer. They discussed their backgrounds, why they went to the conference, and what their event experiences were like.

Keynote summaries, conference highlights, and numerous “pro-tips” are talked about. The chat was incredibly busy as well, so it’s pasted below.

If you were an attendee at the event or are considering registering for 2020 ATD ICE, this TLDCast will be a nice wrap-up, or an extremely helpful resource.

Additionally, you can find some additional resources in this shared document from Cara North HERE.


TLDCast Text Chat

name text
TLDCast Welcome to Friday everyone!
Dr. Tracy Shroyer Woot woot – it’s Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii day!
TLDCast YAY hi Christiana!
LightbulbJo Not here, but hope to be later!
TLDCast Carmen, I’m going to try to send you another invite.  If you can, make sure you are using Chrome.
TLDCast Hello Jo!
Carmen L Bonilla, Propelled LLC i am here :slightly_smiling_face:
Carmen L Bonilla, Propelled LLC just a sec
Michael Harrison Happy Friday!
Dr. Tracy Shroyer Happy Friday!!
TLDCast Hi Michael
Gabriela Piccott Hello everyone
TLDCast You want to come on and talk about ATD ICE?
TLDCast Hey Joe
Laura Lowden Good morning!
TLDCast Welcome Laura
Arti Lovely listening you Ladies
Yolanda Fraction Happy Friday!
Mark G Hello everyone!
Mike Lenz Hey Cara! Sure!
Jayne Davids Hello,  a very happy Friday to you all :slightly_smiling_face:
Mark G Fun time volunteering!  Tell me more!
Alexander Salas, CPLP Sup Home slices! :sunglasses: :nerd_face:
Dr. Tracy Shroyer Hi everyone :slightly_smiling_face:
TLDCast Hey Alex!
Alexander Salas, CPLP Hey back Cara
Tamara Yolanda, way to go!
kim @ cinecraft Preach, Cara! No one can tell it better than YOU can!!
Carmen L Bonilla, Propelled LLC Hello everyone! :slightly_smiling_face:
Eric B Happy Friday!
TLDCast If you have any specific questions for us, please pop them in the ask a question feature!
Carmen L Bonilla, Propelled LLC Happy Friday! :slightly_smiling_face:
Yolanda Fraction Thanks you all! Please reach out to me to connect on LinkedIn too! I’d love to meet each of you all and share learning alongside you.
Alexander Salas, CPLP Everyone looking for Alex and stuff…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
TLDCast Alex was too cool to hang out with me
Alexander Salas, CPLP LOL
Laura Lowden I geeked out on a daily basis at ATD ICE.
Alexander Salas, CPLP SHRM rhymes with SCORM :nerd_face:
Alexander Salas, CPLP Yeah @laura geeking out was a must
Alexander Salas, CPLP Anyone take the pre-con cert workshops?
TLDCast I’ll ask in a momento :slightly_smiling_face:
Shannon Pittman-Price This was my first time going and it was awesome! I loved every moment.
Dr. Tracy Shroyer I was not able to do any of the pre workshops. Saw pics on Twitter and heard about them and they sounded fabulous!
Carmen L Bonilla, Propelled LLC Yes! Please connect on LinkedIn :slightly_smiling_face:
TLDCast Also our ATD ICE Resources sheet has links to everyone’s Twitter and LinkedIn :slightly_smiling_face:
Carmen L Bonilla, Propelled LLC Awesome, Shannon! :slightly_smiling_face:
Christiana a couple of big names
Christopher Yellen Never heard of ’em.
Christiana lol
Carmen L Bonilla, Propelled LLC Christopher :slightly_smiling_face:
Alexander Salas, CPLP there was a lady whose name started with an “O”
Tracie Cantu Yep!
Laura Lowden Or get your CPLP/APTD and be the 5th row back!
Alexander Salas, CPLP If you do both, you go backstage
Laura Lowden You were a few rows in front of me
Laura Lowden haah
Alexander Salas, CPLP in your best Orson Wells style please
Tracie Cantu Front seats are reserved for Chapter Leaders, Committee Advisory members, and CPLP/APTD.  No need to get up super early for the keynote when you are in one of these groups.
TLDCast Thank you Tracie, GREAT info!
Carmen L Bonilla, Propelled LLC Nice :slightly_smiling_face:
Kristen Hayden Safdie Hey! Lost track of time :slightly_smiling_face:
TLDCast Welcome Kristen
Laura Lowden YES! *fangirl moment*
Alexander Salas, CPLP Great stuff
Mark G Agreed!
Laura Lowden I did that to with Mel Milloway
Eric B Megan is great
kim @ cinecraft Eric Whitacre is AMAZING!!! Virtual choirs!
Tracie Cantu The best part of ICE to me is always the ppl you meet.   The sessions are good, but the people are GREAT.
Laura Lowden Yes, his enthusiasm was great.
Kristen Hayden Safdie I felt the same way at the TLDCast Meetup — it was amazing to be there with such great peoople1
Dr. Tracy Shroyer Yes Kristen! Thank you for helping to put it together (whether it was Peter or you really). LOL  So good to meet you and others that evening!
TLDCast I was salty I missed it
TLDCast Yo sheyahshe
Michael Sheyahshe yo, @CaraN
Dr. Tracy Shroyer Check out Eric Whitacre’s virtual choir 4.0 Fly on Youtube. That’s the one he did with the local choirs with it at ATD.
Carmen L Bonilla, Propelled LLC Yes, Tracy, thumbs up :slightly_smiling_face:
Kristen Hayden Safdie I love the sign behind Yolanda!
Carmen L Bonilla, Propelled LLC Yes, Kristen :slightly_smiling_face:
kim @ cinecraft Whitacre’s first (I think) virtual choir recording, to listen to later:
Yolanda Fraction Thanks, Kara! Check out my LinkedIn article on the Top 5 Takeaways from ATD ICE:
Michael Harrison Leaders become successful by enabling their people’s success!
kim @ cinecraft Wow – that’s tremendous Cara! You hear all the time about “servant leadership,” but the path TO leadership isn’t the best preparaion for that, by nature. Wow.
Carmen L Bonilla, Propelled LLC Agree, Kim!
Michael Harrison
kim @ cinecraft Thanks Carmen! :slightly_smiling_face:
Dr. Tracy Shroyer Torrance Learning also has a xAPI Cohort starting on September 5th – and it’s FREE!
Eric B I attended the spring Cohort and will be there again in Sept. It’s a great way to dig deeper into xAPI
TLDCast I’m a 3 time xAPI cohort drop out
TLDCast 🙂 maybe I can finish it after I’m done with school
Kristen Hayden Safdie 2x here! Hopefully the September one willbe the one I. actually do…
Dr. Tracy Shroyer I got locked out of Tim Slade’s session :disappointed:  He’s one to take a look at and follow!
Eric B If you’re up in our neck of the woods, SE Michigan when the xAPI Party happens, check it out. Torrance Learning is a cool place.
Eric B Next xAPI party will be December 2019
Kristen Hayden Safdie I bought Megan a glass of wine at the meetup because she’s paid for so many unused Slack accounts for me :joy:
kim @ cinecraft LOL @Kristen!
Christopher Yellen Tim’s blogs and LinkedIn content are definitely worth following
Dr. Tracy Shroyer Eric – I am hoping to make it up to the party in December — not far from Columbus, Ohio for me. Hopefully the weather and my schedule cooperates!
TLDCast Agreed, Tim also came to visit me in the Volunteer office, we enjoyed a few laughs together. great person!
Eric B Hopefully, I’ll be there too. Weather in December being the key factor.
Michael Sheyahshe #goldenNuggets
Carmen L Bonilla, Propelled LLC yes! :slightly_smiling_face:
Carmen L Bonilla, Propelled LLC Colleagues, I invite you to link in :slightly_smiling_face:
Dr. Tracy Shroyer To go along with Yolanda, Elaine Biech said “Training strategy needs to be tied to business strategies.” Absolutely!
Carmen L Bonilla, Propelled LLC Yes!
Carmen L Bonilla, Propelled LLC Strategic love it!
Molly X. Gee von Holdt @Yolanda, love your MLK sign behind you!!
Kristen Hayden Safdie That’s really good advice!
Yolanda Fraction Thanks guys!:) Following Marie Kondo for designing my office space!
Yolanda Fraction “consider what brings you joy!”
Dr. Tracy Shroyer I had an introductory blog post about ATD this week, and plan to have more details in the next series of posts —
Tamara Love our ATD chapter
Laura Lowden I’ve been a few times, Make your list of your top 3 sessions for the each session time, consider skipping the recorded ones so you don’t miss the NOT recorded ones.
Dr. Tracy Shroyer Great idea about the recorded ones, Laura!
Laura Lowden But don’t forget to go back and listen and watch the recordings.
kim @ cinecraft I’m a member of Cuyahoga Valley ATD and Cara’s Columbus chapter too – so valuable!
Christopher Yellen Always have 2-3 sessions chosen per time slot – they fill up quickly and sometimes they aren’t what you expected.
Yolanda Fraction Yes, serving is really great! Being a chapter/board leader taught me so much and gave me a deeper connection to the network (ATD).
Laura Lowden One thing I struggle with, is be sure to find and connect with those you talk to online or network with via Twitter, etc. Be purposeful about it.
Christiana I already reached out to Kellie about Denver volunteering. She plans to release the signup in a few weeks.
TLDCast Outstanding Christiana!
Christiana If you reach out now on LinkedIn, she will add you to her list to notify with the center is updates
Christiana *updated
kim @ cinecraft Loving all these tips! It’s a smaller event, but I’ll be using the tips at the Canadian eLearning Conference in July! :slightly_smiling_face:
Tamara That also goes if you get into a room and are not feeling the topic or presenter go to your next choice.
Laura Lowden Thanks! Yes!! Also, leave and go to a session that may click with you if your current session doesn’t meet your needs.
Laura Lowden jinx, Tamara! Beat me to it.
Kim This was wonderful, thank you! I learned of some great resources to go dig into. Have a terrific day!
TLDCast Thank you Kim!
Christopher Yellen I always dropped $200 at that damn store.
Carmen L Bonilla, Propelled LLC Sounds like you found good stuff Christopher :slightly_smiling_face:
Dr. Tracy Shroyer So easy to do there, Christopher! Lots of goodies!
Kristen Hayden Safdie And Busboys and Poets is GREAT
Carmen L Bonilla, Propelled LLC Tell me more Kristen :slightly_smiling_face:
Kristen Hayden Safdie It’s a local-ish restaurant here in DC. It has a great vibe and amazing food!
Tamara This was great!
Kristen Hayden Safdie THANK YOU ALL!
Mike Lenz Great stuff.  Thanks to all of you!!
Christopher Yellen Yay for new faces!
Carmen L Bonilla, Propelled LLC Feel free to link in :slightly_smiling_face:
Yolanda Fraction Such a pleasure to meet all of you. Love Busboys too!:)
Carmen L Bonilla, Propelled LLC Thank you Christopher!
Michea This was great!  Now I’m interested in attending next year.
Carmen L Bonilla, Propelled LLC Awesome, Michea!
Molly X. Gee von Holdt Thank YOU Cara, Carmen, Tracy, and Yolanda!!! :hugging_face:
kim @ cinecraft Thanks for organizing & hosting Cara!! Great to meet you Carmen & Yolanda! Tracy, I hope to see you next time I’m at a COATD event!!!
Molly X. Gee von Holdt Happy Friday & Weekend Everyone!!!
Jonathan Rock Here’s a tip for those of you, like me watching this after the fact.  If you want to see the chat from the beginning, you have to scroll up and then kind of bump the thumb into the top of the slider over and over until you reach the top.


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Community Discussion: How to Find Jobs in Instructional Design featuring Rubina Halwani

In this Community Discussion TLDCast episode, Rubina Halwani led an excellent conversation about finding jobs in Instructional Design.

Rubina is a teacher turned Instructional Designer that used her backgrounds in Business Development and the film market to eventually begin her career as an ID.

Some highlights of the discussion:

  • Network as much as possible. Use the power of social media to find other professionals like yourself to learn what they’re doing and how they’ve found employment. Use Linkedin and Twitter to join conversations.
  • Go to conferences and attend sessions. Connect with speakers and attendees; this is another great way to network. Zero in on what you find most interesting and put your career focus there.
  • Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses. Highlight what you’re good at and work on those weaknesses when you can. Find the situation your strengths complement.
  • Put the time in and learn a relevant tool. And just pick one, don’t try to learn several. Get good at it.
  • If you’d like to get real-world experience learning a piece of technology, volunteer for a non-profit or similar and build for them. This will always look great on your resume and will often lead to employment opportunities.
  • Build a portfolio and get as much feedback about it as you can. The better your portfolio is, the better chance you’ll have of finding the employment you’re looking for.
  • Use industry specific job boards, like the one you can find on the TLDC website.

There’s lots more to learn from this discussion! The recordings are posted below, enjoy!

Crowdcast Recording

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Podcast version

Community Discussion: What are some things you wish you had known before becoming an instructional designer?

Was it the SMEs? The technology? Working behind the scenes? Maybe you wish you had known you’d end working with and for so many so called “experts”. Or perhaps it was the assessments that are driving you nuts. Or the tedious exercise of having to adapt materials from one format to another.

We had Valary Oleinik, Rubina Halwani, Jonathan Rock, Kristen Hayden Safide, Cara North, and Quetzalcoatl Cortes join us for a fantastic discussion where they contributed their “lists” of things they wish they had known. They discussed the need to wear lots of hats, to letting go of their “babies”, to the struggle to find support within the organization and lots more.

Don’t miss this Community Discussion! Easily one of the better discussions we’ve had in TLDCast.

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Women in L&D (WiLD): Mikaela Kiner, Founder & CEO of Reverb

Mikaela Kiner is the Founder and CEO of Reverb, an HR consultancy for startups, located in Seattle, WA. She is also the author of the upcoming book, Female Firebrands: Stories and techniques to ignite change, take control, and succeed in the workplace.

Women in L&D Host Valerie Sunyak had an excellent conversation with Mikaela that covered a variety of topics. The discussion was wide-ranging and thought provoking; Mikaela offered a variety of insights on social inequities women, men, and people of color face in the workplace.

Their discussion covered (in this order):

  • The stigma/reputation of HR
  • The Myth of Meritocracy
  • Being raised in a sexist society
  • Women judging women in the workplace
  • Impostor Syndrome
  • #allthewomenarenotwhite
  • Men as advocates
  • Her Book – Female Firebrands: Stories and techniques to ignite change, take control and succeed in the workplace
  • Mid-career women professionals that are ready for a change


Reverb People:

Mikeala Kiner on Linkedin,Twitter

Female Firebrands on Twitter

Battle Tactics: There’s more than one gender wage gap. Let us explain with Skittles.



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