Friday, December 13 | Reflecting on 2019: A Collective “Best Of”

Reflection is an integral part of the learning process. And year end “best of’s” often give us the opportunity to do exactly that —- reflect on other’s and our own ideas of what stood out in the past year. For this episode, we’ll be discussing both personal and professional notables, so drop in if you’d like to share … and even if you don’t!


Learning Analytics Data Privacy, Tracking and What’s Ahead featuring Guest Duncan Welder and Host Andrew Hughes

Duncan Welder is a long time instructional designer and LMS implementation specialist with a passion for tracking data. As the Director of Client Services at RISC Inc he focuses on using learning analytics to find solutions for customers and clients.

Duncan and Andrew talk about the similarities of their background and common experiences they share “coming up” in the L&D space at the same time.

They also discuss:

  • Making sure you have a great relationship with IT
  • Trends, adaptation, and the current state of and future of xAPI
  • The Learning Record Store (LRS) as the central hub of L&D
  • Data Privacy and Data Tracking
  • and much more.

Friday, December 6 | VR for Training & Assessment: The Top 7 Things You Need To Know featuring James Watson

In this XR Playlist episode, James Watson, will help you to understand the key benefits of using VR for training or assessment, and some of the main factors you need to be aware of when implementing a VR training program.

  • Learn how DHL uses VR gamification to drive engagement with employees
  • Understand how GE Healthcare addressed the issue of equipment scarcity
  • And how Shell uses VR to take the risk out of Health & safety training

We will share our learnings across the following topics:

  • How do you identify the right use case and business case for VR training?
  • Understanding the 3 key uses of VR for training: 1. Knowledge 2. Skills and 3. Behaviour
  • What are the key steps you need to take to effectively (and profitably) use VR in your enterprise?
  • How can you best scale the integration across a large enterprise safely and securely?
  • What makes for a successful implementation, including metrics and ROI?

Thursday, December 5 | Community Discussion: Instructional Designers on Learning

We mostly discuss how you train others and build educational experiences for your organization. But how do YOU learn? So far we have 13 questions for you to answer with all of us in our next Community Discussion “Instructional Designers on Learning”. Be ready to answer live via text chat, or if you’re interested and we have the space, onscreen via webcam and audio.

Check out the questions and reserve your spot!