Delighting Learning Appetites with Karl Richter and Host Cara North

by | Aug 25, 2019 | Blog, Show Notes, TLDCast | 0 comments

Karl Richter is a Chef. But instead of menu prep and food mastery as his medium for cooking up delicious offerings, he concocts “eLearning Blends” — a mixture of design, facilitation, consultation, and coaching — to delight learning appetites.

In this TLDCast, we learn more about Karl’s journey as a trainer – going from college, to teaching abroad in Taiwan and Korea, then his time teaching in the Educational Technology Department at San Diego State University, and eventually landing where he is now: Louisville, KY (the best state in the country, according to Kentucky native, Cara North).

Most of the TLDCast is accompanied by slides, so to get the most out of the discussion, make sure you check out the video recording.

Delighting Learning Appetites with Special Guest Karl Richter and Host Cara North

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