Ken Brown and The EMU Experience

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Ken Brown’s story is an interesting one. A self-described introvert turned college psychology teacher that evolved to corporate trainer, it’s surprising he would eventually create The EMU Experience: Engaging. Memorable. Unexpected.

In this discussion, Ken remarks “when somebody says, ‘Hey, create something new or redesign it?’ I get absolutely giddy. I mean, I’m like a kid in a candy store. Because to me, there are so many possibilities, so many ways you can take it — not just ‘Oh, we’ve got to update our PowerPoint so that we can present this training’ — it goes way beyond that.” 

And “goes way beyond that” means engagement, his primary focus on all of the training he creates. To Ken, it’s the difference between presenting and facilitating, and integrating engagement in facilitation gets you much better results.

Watch or listen to the recordings below and you’ll learn more about Ken and The EMU Experience. Ken offers quite a few examples of engagement (bingo, speed dating, mind maps, and more) and we highly recommend viewing the video so you can see the tips and tricks he shares in his slides.

Ken Brown and The EMU Experience

by Host Toddi Norum with Special Guest Ken Brown | TLDCast Podcast

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