It’s been said that teaching is really about inspiration, not information. And that an effective educator’s goal is to find a hook in their students’ hearts and minds so they feel a need to learn the material. 

And this Community Discussion was focused on something ancillary to that — what inspires trainers to do what they do? And besides the paycheck, what keeps you focused on building your eLearning and Training projects?

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire” said poet William Butler Yeats, and our discussion was built around the idea of creating those fires, and what keeps you lighting them.

Here’s an email from Member Christiana Houck:

I find inspiration in talking to and viewing the work of others. This could come in the form of a YouTube video, a book, a podcast, blog post, or actual conversation. For example, I was inspired to develop user stories and job processes for the current mobile app that our Technicians use, ahead of a change to a different mobile app that they will move to in 2020. The inspiration came from Cara and Roberta’s recent TLDCast.” — Christiana Houck 

So this TLDCast Community featured guest Jonathan Hill and host Luis Malbas as they discussed their own sources of inspiration, and moderated the live audience’s input as well. Take a listen to this episode and you’ll learn more about Jonathan’s sources for inspiration, especially to how it relates to a Storyline project he is currently completing and has written about on Linkedin HERE


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