Women are making big shifts in industries and roles that were once predominately male. Although according to Linkedin, “Over the past ten years, the proportion of female leaders in the workforce has increased by an average of just over two percentage points among the 12 industries we studied”, more women are entering the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) sector than ever before.

Meet Ily Nunn, Owner/ Operator of Nunn Utility Locating, LLC.  NU Locating provides Private Utility Locating and Ground Penetrating Radar services for Wyoming and the surrounding area through the use of Electromagnetic Induction and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). Ily has a compelling origin story starting as a youngster with an early love for geology and archaeology, growing into a passion for her current business: Utility Locating.

Listen to this TLDCast to learn more about Ily’s journey of being the Owner/Operator of an LLC in an industry primarily dominated by males.


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