How do we develop an agile workforce and create that adaptability within our employees?

On Monday, April 1st, Kristen Hayden Safdie hosted her first in a series of Case Study TLDCasts. Her guest was Deborah Decker, eLearning Expert and Learning Advisor for Southern California Edison.

Southern California Edison is a 130 year old company that is currently experiencing change management challenges. Like many organizations, technology is impacting its workforce, and strategies to implement a culture of continuous improvement are vital to its continuing success.

The Prosci Change Methodology

Southern California Edison decided to utilize the Prosci Change Methodology as a solution, and allocated resources to support instructor led training. However, the decision to custom develop an accompanying eLearning course was made so that it better fit the organization’s population.

Deborah Decker created the course using Articulate Rise. The idea was to create a single course that covered three phases: Pre-change, During change, and Post-change. Using SME’s and working together with a team of Organizational Development Professionals, they implemented a multi-faceted change management course to help Southern California Edison continue to succeed.

This TLDCast was an excellent conversation on what is becoming a common problem for many businesses. Kristen and Deborah do an excellent job retelling and exploring the case study, and you’ll learn what Deborah felt they did well and where they could do better next time.


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