Today’s TLDChat guest was the amazing Kristin Anthony.  Kristin has worked in many sectors of instructional design: higher ed, corporate, and freelancing.  Kristin is an admin for the Instructional Design sub-Reddit and the host of the podcast Dear Instructional Designer. Kristin is a prolific experimenter and in this episode, she provides a lot of real world examples that have helped shape her work.  We highly recommend checking out her website and following her on Twitter because you never know what kind of projects she’ll be working on next.

Topics discussed:

  1. Kristin’s background in learning and development
  2. Tools in her tool belt
  3. How she has used coding in her design
  4. The importance of an ID portfolio
  5. The power of working out loud


 Kristin Anthony


Links mentioned in this episode:

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Link to video recording:
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