We made it!

Our “experiment” is over.

Here’s the deal: We know that doing an “every weekday” broadcast is a little crazy.  There are about a gazillion things that can go wrong. Connectivity, hardware incompatibility, fatigue, schedule conflicts, running out of things to talk about — all things we’ve faced over the last twelve weeks.

And you know what?

None of them was a big deal. Sure, there were challenges.


Every morning we get to connect.  We find the topics. We discuss problems. We find solutions. We rant. We joke.  We get things done.

And the reality is TLDChat is not for everyone.  It can’t be for everyone. But it is.  If you need it, it’s there.

The Unexpected

The idea behind TLDChat is simple. We wanted to bring people together for conversations related to Training, Learning, and Development.  It’s inspired by the hallway conversations at conferences and the water-cooler talk at work.

But there are a few additional things that surprisingly happened:

  • My productivity increased. After each #TLDChat broadcast, I feel the need to get work done.  Am I inspired? I think so, yes. I feel focused like my mind is warmed up and ready to tackle the work in front of me.
  • My network expanded significantly.  This is a big one.  It’s not like doing a podcast, TLDChat is dynamic, and the back and forth is tremendous. I discovered there are regulars with “expert” skill sets in design, analytics, programming, media creation, etc.  These are “go to” people in TLDChat for certain things; it’s like having an all-star team at your disposal to overcome whatever problems you may have. It’s unique and wonderful.
  • I made friends. Seriously. Some are there every day.  Some once a week, or less.  But you get to know people.  What they do and why. We’re living in a digitally divisive world, but here we are in TLDChat coming together. And not just in the US, this is global.  Marco, Bethany, Lisa, Anthony, and many other from around the world.

So after 100 days, TLDChat is a big thumbs up. We have monetization challenges, a need for finding more resources, none of that is a surprise.  But overall, I truly believe the value is there and the answers will appear.

For you regulars, have you found it valuable? Feel free to post in the comments.  For you newbies, care to join us?  We could probably use your help…  🙂



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