Post Show Notes – May 18, 2017

What started out as a general open chat about phrases you hear in the L&D industry, turned into a deep heated discussion. Discussion went back and forth about trends, how to identify as an industry, what it takes to define what we do, and the differences between learning and training. It was a great talk in the boxes and some extensive conversations in the chat. Be sure to listen to the video and scroll back up through the chat.

In the Boxes:

Sam Rogers

Mark Lasoff

Amanda Jackson

Cheryl Johnson

Links in Chat:–qUOI

Review the video:


Golden Nugget(s)

“I think if we changed our identity from ‘training’ to ‘performance enhancement’ we might get better traction with the people who could fund our efforts and thus gain credibility.”

“Creating a culture of learning”

“We’re trying to make change in the industry without making waves or making anyone uncomfortable… I’m not sure life works that way.”

“The words ‘training’ and ‘learning’ lends itself to a task based approach.”

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