Happy Monday!

The primary topic today was The Rings of Focus.  These are the rings the general agenda #TLDChat will be constructed around.

Monday will start with YOU – productivity tips, your individual habits to help you get work done, things YOU do to make you better (exercise, meditation, coffee)

Tuesday will talk about PROJECTS – tools, apps, TLD projects you’re working on, challenges you might be having with a project

Wednesday we’ll talk TEAM – collaboration, teamwork, etc

Thursday  we talk ORGANIZATION/INDUSTRY – your business, company, who you work for, how your organization functions

Friday is Video Friday – where we talk video, tech, general geek out

This morning we discussed routines.  A few exercised in the morning to prepare for work.  Some folks created to do lists.

We had one guest appearance with Anthony Altieri where he broadcast live while driving to Orlando.

App of the Day mention goes to Otto Radio for customized radio and podcasts:  https://www.ottoradio.com/

Highly recommended is Sam Rogers’ book Just Do The Thing: A Guide



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