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Techsmith Video Tour, Mevo, and Livestreaming

Lots of nerdy VideoFriday goodness in today’s broadcast!

We had a great tour of Techsmith’s Video Studio compliments of Matthew Pierce.

Also, a Camtasia Giveaway!  Thank you Techsmith! and congrats Marco Faccini (@marcoable) for winning the copy!

Gadgets we talked about:

Mevo Camera


Adafruit Light Strips

In the Box:

Sam Rogers (@snapsynapse)

Matt Pierce (…

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The Challenges of Working with Other Departments

We had a full house today…and then some. From the jump, all four windows were filled with multiple people filtering in and out of video chat. The board was lit up as well with a lot of adjoining conversation. The topic of the day was interactions with other departments. Specifically, “what department is the most challenging to work with in …

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Meetings…Love em’ or Hate em’

We had a great conversation on meetings in the chat and with Melissa Milloway (@melmilloway) and Marco Faccini (@marcoable) in the video boxes. It is relates to the Team portion of the Rings of Focus. It spurred on heated debate on the necessity of meetings in general and, if they are needed, what format they …

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Projects and How We Track Them

Today’s session centered around the Projects portion of the Rings of Focus. It started with a link to a blog that presents 10 elearning project management tools. We then went wide view with Craig Sybert (@craig_sybert) talking about his struggles with revamping current methods of project management via audio chat and focused in on some of …

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The MXRXP Panel (Video)

At TLDC16, we hosted a Mixed Realities Panel that featured:

Peter Campbell, Pearson
Viktor Venson, FutureSculpt
Casey Sapp, VRTUL

If you’re curious at all about this space, take a listen to the Q&A and see how Mixed Realities may be impacting our industry.

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