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Benchmarks for Instructional Quality and When Content Can Be Called Training

This morning’s session was all based on Sam Rogers’ Linkedin question/post:

In the L&D (aka Training) industry, we have standards for developing content (ADDIE, SAM, LLAMA, etc). But as near as I can tell, we don’t seem to have any standards for the actual content we output. Do we? Links please! I’m not talking formats here, so please don’t

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Center of the Ring – You – Deep dive on Training Culture in Organizations

Like most Mondays, the center of the Ring of Focus was the topic of discussion. A few weeks back, there was an interesting question brought up in chat that was discussed a little deeper off-line. That question was brought to the forefront and a great discussion ensued. The question was around creating a culture of learning in an organization and …

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Brian Fanzo, “Inside Every Instructional Designer is a Content Marketer Waiting to Come Out”

Sponsored by Techsmith

Very high energy session with special guest Brian Fanzo.

Are Content Marketers the new Instructional Designers?  Are Instructional Designers incredible marketers?  Who build better courses?  Check out the recording to get answers!

In the box:

Brian Fanzo

Matt Pierce

Check out Brian Fanzo’s “Be Yourself” course here:

Podcaster’s Paradise

Brian tweeting from Thinkific backend: https:

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Open Forum: Social Media, Design Process & Captivate 2017

Open Forum Today!

Lots of talk about social media, Design Process & Stories, and the new Captivate 2017 release.

In the box:

Katie Stroud

Anthony Altieri

Joe Ganci

A few links from the chat:

Mastodon (an open source “twitter”) –

Adobe Captivate –

Harry Chapin, 30000 lbs of bananas –


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Shannon Tipton Talks Microlearning

Once again, we are joined by Chief Learning Rebel, Shannon Tipton and talked one of her specialties, Micro Learning. Excellent activity in the chat, with Joe Ganci making a short appearance in the box.

Links in the chat:

Icon Design:

Suitsy, a Business Onesie:

Link to recording:

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