Kevin Thorn and The Importance of Design


Meet Kevin Thorn.

You’re not going to stop your stakeholders from changing things on you mid-stride.  You’re not going to change people coming to you and saying “hey I need this yesterday.”  That’s part of the industry.  That’s part of the world we live in. What you have control over is your own processes and workflows.  And I guarantee you, I promise you … put your tools away.  You don’t need them yet.  You’re not there yet.  Start in the design phase like you were taught, if you were formally taught.  If you’re not, I’m telling you, put your tools away and go design.

Kevin led a brilliant conversation on his workflow and processes, what his priorities are in building content, and how/when he decided to leave his corporate gig and freelance.

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Links in the chat:

Flipbook Animation Kit

The Sketchnote Handbook: the illustrated guide to visual note taking

My client is a graphic designer

Articulate Storyline for Next Level Design Certificate

Essentials fo Storyboarding for E-Learning

Link to recording:

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