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Brandon Carson: People Learn Best in the Context of their Own Environment

Is Brandon Carson the most interesting man in L&D?  Today he was!

Brandon talked about his career evolution from call center trainer at Microsoft to Director of Learning at Home Depot, the challenges of working in a complex retail environment, and the latest (and biggest) retail revolution, now integrating virtual and digital.

Brandon asks the question of how do we

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Show Notes TLDChat

Sam Rogers – “What is it you say you ‘do’ here?” and “Is He-Man a Master?”

It was a deep dive day with Sam Rogers sharing his take on the current state of the L&D industry. He talked about how to define what we do in a better light so we could, in turn, find a process for officially validating what we do for the community. There was a lot of chat around how we, as …

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Show Notes TLDChat

Audio, Video, Headphone Jacks, and Taking Podcasts on the Road.

Video Friday certainly lived up to the weekly hype again. The early discussion focused around microphone testing, headphones of choice, and the technical background of headphone jacks. There was a good detailed discussion on remote podcasting that followed and that lead into a discussion around the best audio recording hardware and how to transport when going out on the road. …

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Alexandra Ryan on L&D vs Sales and The Missing Puzzle Piece to Help Your Sales Team Succeed

“I’ve stopped calling it Sales Training and now only call it Sales Enablement”

Alexandra Ryan was fantastic on shining light on how L&D can make their “Sales Enablement” efforts more effective.  HINT:  It’s all about helping your sales people understand how they can make more money.

We also talked mobile technology in Sales (and it’s limits),  making the best of …

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Kevin Thorn and The Importance of Design

Meet Kevin Thorn.

You’re not going to stop your stakeholders from changing things on you mid-stride.  You’re not going to change people coming to you and saying “hey I need this yesterday.”  That’s part of the industry.  That’s part of the world we live in. What you have control over is your own processes and workflows.  And I guarantee you,

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